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Ukraine has a unique history, it has several thousands historical and cultural monuments. Ukraine has unique natural environment: flora and fauna are one of the richest in Europe, the climate can vary from continental to subtropical temperature; terrain is presented by huge plains and mountain systems that are among the most beautiful in Europe.

The system of nature reserves and parks of Ukraine consists of 7010 territories and objects (4.2 percent of state area). There are 17 nature reserves, 12 national parks, which are genuine pearls of natural reserve fund of Europe and the world. But despite this, Ukraine has a lot of “white spots”. For example, do you know there are Europe’s largest ravine, cave, river island in Ukraine? Do you know that there is the sculptural structure in Ukraine that is among the three highest in the world? And there are much more questions like these.

Ukraine has the potential to become one of the tourist centers of Europe, but now even the Ukrainians Foreign give preference to abroad sights and resorts. One of the main reason of this situation is the lack of information about Ukraine. Our site is giving this information.


Authors of the project

Roman Malenkov – editor

Оleg Godynaeditor

Alex Belyaev – film-maker

 Maxim Melnikov photographer